Anonymous asked: Make a video of you so we know you're really Natali

I don’t need to make a video for you guys believe in me, if you believe me fine, but if you don’t bye. 

Anonymous asked: Do u get tired of people trying to get close to gaga via u?

Yeah, a little, but yeah!

asmidahsurni-deactivated2013031 asked: Hey Natali :) What is ur favorite song . of Lady gaga Song

Fashion of His Love

Anonymous asked: Hi i don´t ask nothing, i just want say, you´re a beautiful girl, and you have a beauty family.... @B3thaly.


jessiiemclean asked: Natali, I'm sitting here trying to think of questions lol but they all relate to gaga, and since i don't know much about you.... what is your fav movie out atm? lol hope you don't mind a random question like that lol

Confessions Of a Shopaholic :) 

imemorandum asked: I don't understand people. They ask you about Gaga. Natali, you inspires me ;) Realy!

Bless this question :)

findnlohere-deactivated20120827 asked: What do you think about taylor kinney?? ahah :)

He’s amazing

Anonymous asked: Hi, my name is Will, I'm from Costa Rica and I wanna know what inspires you when you design... I'm studying design too <3

Alexander Mcqueen